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Some time ago.

from Instagram http://j.mp/1sRJfmo Follow me on Instagram from Instagram: http://j.mp/1sRJfmo I am not sure who she is, but she reminds me of an actress. Do you know her name? It’s an original painting on paper, available for purchase, so just email me if you are interested.

Domino Magazine and Minted winner!

TUESDAY. Already run to the UPS store and got my flourless chocolate cookie. I promised to myself to have that green smoothie later. SPOILER ALERT . Due to a massive load of work I was not able to clean up my Etsy store, so I’m extending the offer until next monday 9am. Shop with current […]

Birthday, Gifts, Abstracts, Fashion.

Morning.  Birthday today. My birthday. And I love it already! My husband is the funniest. I found this huge box in my room and when I removed the wrapping paper I saw a big big brown box to store some kind of woods boots..like huge boots you go to woods with..you know. Wisconsin. So I […]

Abstract art for 30 days. Loving it.

ON SEPTEMBER 1ST I started my abstract series. It’s my color & shape exploration journey. For 30 days I paint outside of my comfort zone, mess up, laugh, cry and sell. There is only 1 original available each day. If you’d like to own a piece of me, in the original form, go here and […]

Acqua Originale House of Creed Collaboration

Hola. It’s a second day of my collaboration with the centuries-old fragrance house House of Creed and their delicious new perfume collection Acqua Originale.  What a fantastic job it was! The illustrations are based on Olivier Creed’s travels and are presenting the forthcoming Acqua Originale collection (launching August 3) — a range of five scents. […]