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My new #Chatbooks arrived !
I simply loooove getting them on auto.
Tell you a secret: I love traveling but the first thing I do on a plane is to order a glass of wine.
Terrified…. So, last week, before I got on the plane I looked at my chatbooks and thought that if something will happen to me, these will nicely serve as picture books of my daily postings. Weird, i know.
But is THIS weirder than that other thing I do every time before flight? Like, scheduling an email to my family, just in case … I tell where the money is and what to do.
I delete it once I land safely. 🙄😳✈️ .
I call myself a catastrophè-optimist. Like Amelie. Remember her visualizing her boy getting into the war battle JUST because he was late? Yep, me.
So, love @chatbooks 💕☕️

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