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I have kissed the summer bloom 50x40″in (paper)

I have kissed the summer bloom

Spirituality influences my daily life. But to not glorify it I say it's like my daily coffee—a must, a trigger.
Painting gets me to places that might not exist for you, but for me — they are broad and clever, and scary, and shockingly here and now.
I just pull them down or out from in and underneath.
Always interested in seen/unseen, hidden, magic, psychic phenomena, I gather all my amulets and make it available as art.
It's what I know.
The movement of the paint and me, hovering over the painting, is like remembering ghosts of every thing and every one that has mattered to me, ever.
And these series give birth to new shapes—of a bloom or a mountain, or a cave. All are about going outside yet inside.

So, this is really a practice of painting after a prayer. Or because of it.

SIZE :50x40"in
MATERIALS : Mixed media on paper.
BACK : Signed with full name.
SHIPPING: 1 week from purchase. Rolled in tube.

IMPORTANT : It's very hard to capture bright, semi-fluro or fluro colors like yellow, green, blue, orange and pink. Each monitor displays color differently. Keep in mind this painting is even more bright and colors are more intense.

If you need more details + photos before making a purchase just email me.

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*** bare in mind that due to your different computer settings, the colors might be shifted. I promise they're bright and gorgeous!


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