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Art Collaborations


Welcome! Thank you so much for loving my work!

Throughout the years I've been fortunate to collaborate and partner with many brands (selected names above)and companies, creating custom artwork or licensing existing pieces. My art is used on home decor items, magazine covers, fashion, stationary, planners, wall hangings of 6 feet and more. The sky is the limit.

I'm mainly known for my abstract art (Wetlands, Bloomlands and Newlands series) but I'm also an internationally represented illustrator specializing in foods, portrait and fashion.

If you’re an interior designer, art consultant, gallery director, I'd be happy to hear from you! Please use the form under contact page to reach out to me. 

You can check out my Illustration Portfolio (I'm internationally represented).

Marta Spendowska Danielle LaPorte

Planners with Danielle LaPorte (2015-2019)


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