Abstract Floral Lured by light between petals 45x32" in (FRAMED / paper)

Abstract Watercolor Original. 

SIZE :45x32"in framed, 39x26"in unframed/paper // SOLD as Framed with white wood and UV plexi, beautifully lifted/floated artwork.
    1. MATERIALS : Watercolor on museum quality paper.
      Unframed, unmated by default.
      FRONT: Signed with initials : MS (Marta Spendowska).
      BACK: Signed with full name.
    1. Mixed media on paper.
      IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details + photos, please email before making a purchase.
    1. INSPIRATION.Here, the flower, the petal is a pure essence of life, fleeting from sureness and foreverness. Some parts ​of leaves ​are old and loosing ​its fullness, gaining the rips and tears, still thirsting water. ​Other ones are still holding on to the wholeness, wanting to replenish what's been hungry.

      In nature, all that mature​s​ ​becomes more fragile. ​And when ​we're fragile, ​we love life even more.
      This is what I'm after in my ​"​Bloomlands​"​ series.
      To capture the moment of a momentary beauty.
      So here and yet so passing by all at the same time.
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