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It's Like Moss and White Slopes of Snow 12x12"

Abstract: It’s Like Moss and White Slopes of Snow

My abstract flora merges my love for lyrical and poetic past and mother country with my ever-present affection for color, uplift, cheer and optimism that is very American to me.
Abstract flora and botanicals reflect what’s delicate in me, what tends to be the most receptive and what would never be expressed back home.

SIZE :12" x 12"in
MATERIALS : Watercolor, inks, Bałtyk Sea water, acrylic, varnish on 2" cradled wood. Ready to hang.
BACK : Signed with full name.
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IMPORTANT : It's very hard to capture bright, semi-fluro or fluro colors like yellow, green, blue, orange and pink. Each monitor displays color differently. Keep in mind this painting is even more bright and colors are more intense.

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*** bare in mind that due to your different computer settings, the colors might be shifted. I promise they're bright and gorgeous!