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That high tone of a spirit 24x30"

Abstract: That high tone of a spirit

INSPIRATION. When the night falls apart and the day starts—I like to keep laying in bed and remembering my dreams.
That’s the spirit of the day, when we’re not aware yet. It’s about flowing the seconds through the pictures of the night, the clues for tomorrow.

Beautiful dance of gold, pink, warmth, cold & white. Textures are simply divine with a delicious shiny varnish finish that accentuates elegance and majesty of this art. A statement piece, a jewel.

SIZE :24x30"in
MATERIALS : Mixed media (with 24k gold leaf) on 1.5" cradled panel. Ready to hang.
BACK : Signed with full name.

IMPORTANT : Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details + photos before making a purchase just email me.



Even though all artwork is ready to hang (unless noted otherwise), please consider framing in a beautifully crafted frame. It will add a gorgeous elegance to every piece. I always advice using local framing.
Most paintings need a varnish.Fresh artwork needs to be dry enough to package and ship in about 1-2 weeks.
Email me, if you need it sooner.


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