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Thousands of swan’s feathers will bring us together 30x24"

Abstract Watercolor Original. 
SIZE: 30x24in

    1. Beautiful dance of gold, grays, black, white, warmth, cold & white, sealed with high gloss varnish to accentuate elegance and majesty of this art. A statement piece, a gem, a jewel.
    1. Mixed media with gold leaf on panel, 1.5in cradled. Unframed by default but ready to hang.
      BACK: Signed with full name.
      IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details + photos before making a purchase just email me.
      FRAMING: Even though all artwork is ready to hang (unless noted otherwise), please consider framing in a beautifully crafted frame if you choose to collect an unframed piece. It will add a gorgeous elegance to every painting. I always advice using local framing. 
    1. “Slow Night Lights” collection had to BECOME. I craved a quiet compass, colors and shapes that let my eyes rest and my mice-like pulse, slow down. The grey may as well be related to a silver late Fall, when the color just lingers a bit, letting the shine of the gold flicker.
      In July, in the midst of the woods, I sat on my meditation pillow and heard the familiar voice, nagging me to leave the reds, the maroons, the pinks and blues for a while. Nagging me to rest. Add shapes. Sacred shapes dismantled. Let the gold take over. Spot. Drip. Cut. Like staccato—organized abstract forms in sharp visuals instead of music.
      So I listened. And I can’t stop loving this grey wonderful moment so I let it speak. To you.
    1. This painting requires a final varnish and ships after 5-7 days from your order. Your shipping is calculated by weight and size. If, for any reason, the amount looks odd, please just email me.


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