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"Whispers of marvelous Bleu" 10x10" panel

Watercolor Original Painting

Seascape from the collection for Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth NH.

Available at Nahcotta Gallery / Portsmouth NH (shop online).

Images are slightly blurred for copyright protection purposes.
    1. MATERIALS: Watercolor on museum quality watercolor paper, mounted on panel, ready to hang.
    2. SIZE: Paper/Panel: 10x10"in.
    3. BACK: Signed with full name.
    1. My watercolor paintings are painted on either Fabriano or Arches or any art archival museum-quality art papers, 140lb or 300lb. I use artist-quality watercolors by W&N or Holbein or Graham or archival mixed media. 

      IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details + photos before making a purchase just email me.
      "Newlands" series are my response to living in New England and loving it with a rapid pulse and full heart. 
      Through watercolor, I explore wetlands, rivers, mudflats, marshes, and most importantly — the Mother Ocean. 
      Here, I am documenting both, the sea, land, and watercolor itself.⠀
      All this while writing nonsense like "in the mids of cataract—a virgin sight". That's about a dark cloud, you know. I'm not even sure if it makes any sense in English.

      But, daily, either in pictures or watercolors, I see a shape worth acknowledging. The curve of the ocean, lace of the wave, the sun that winks. And I get blinded, like a happy dog looking at rays on a cold New England afternoon.

    2. There are never any man-made objects in my art. It was an intuitive choice and became intentional. No boats, no street lights, no face.⠀ 
      What I'm after is the solitude of Nature.
      Nature like a big archaic archetypal Ancestor.⠀
      Like an ever-present Absolute Great Mother.⠀
      Wide, quiet, and heavy with importance and potency.

      And while painting, I write nonsense poems.
      "I hope that heaven is
      Summer in Maine
      And angel wings are waves
      Swooshing my sins
      Away away."
      — Marta 
    1. Nahcotta: 
      Shipping from Nahcotta Gallery.
      Nahcotta Gallery opened its doors in the bucolic, bustling city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in May of 2000. Deb Thompson, the gallery's owner, wanted to create a space like Nahcotta since she was a young girl, standing amid a small but beautiful boutique during a shopping venture with her family. During an adventuresome cross-country trip many years later, she made the bold decision to relocate from Boston, Massachusetts, and open a gallery/boutique in Portsmouth, a city renowned for its rich cultural history, captivating waterfront views, and vibrant, progressive community.

      Through the years, Nahcotta has become a mainstay in the Portsmouth community and beyond, providing a space for original, contemporary art from artists all over the world, alongside modern, innovative, well-designed gifts, available both in the Congress Street shop and online.

      110 Congress Street
      Portsmouth, NH 03801

      Monday: 10-5
      Wednesday: 10-5
      Thursday - Saturday: 10-6
      Sunday 11–5
      closed on Tuesdays



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