12 month habits : January 1st.

January 01, 2015

DECEMBER1. Day one of 12 month habits.

the premise of the project is to keep me evolving as an artist. i want to get to know myself better, within restrains.
generally very hesitant toward limits and rules, i know (after finishing 30- and 60-day long projects in 2014) i thrive under such circumstances if the rules come from me.


(1.) 12 different projects in 2015 : #12MonthHabitsVERYMARTA
(2.) Any artwork worth reproducing as prints get a Limited Edition equal to the number of days in a particular month, i.e. : January=31, February=28.
(3.) Name all artwork — no numbers only. Based on a daily feeling that stood out.
(4.) January : 2 colors. Mostly painting. If textiles they must be Limited and in 2 colors : #31JanHabitsVERYMARTA
(5.) Personal turned professional projects, but mainly explorations (don’t hang up on outcome and what people think)
(6.) If it means getting up an hour late — so be it.


(1.) Theme : 2 colors.
(2.) Get up at 7am or earlier if needed.
(3.) BettyRocker fitness routines.





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