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marta spendowska abstract floral bloomlands
I offer personal commissions and to the trade (for interior designers and art consultants)


  1. You might love a certain painting, but the size isn't right.
  2. You are attached to a specific feeling, a memory, nostalgia or a landscape and you want to have it memorized. 
  3. You may need specific colors, and none of the ones available in my store are the right ones.  
  4. You own company that has a lot of wall space. You see owning original art as a way to create a healthy corporate environment. 


When you request the custom abstract painting you can expect specific results.

My work is very fluid, I am never able to reproduce any paintings of mine — this why if you love one (or two:), you should purchase it because I can not guarantee the same look. The initial phase of working on a commission requires 3 sketches and they help me to see if we're on the right track composition wise, color-wise. After this is approved (1 of 3 is chosen) I'm off to painting YOUR piece. I do not show progress shots because I work fast and there is no changes to the work, afterwords. Maybe very minimal, very minimal. The initial sketches phase is important because — even though  I am not able to paint exactly the same — I follow the guideline from the first phase.

Ordering painting is different than ordering a design service, that is, I usually can’t do revisions. Water media is very unforgiving and that’s its beauty and power. I will only present you with the work I’m proud of, so if I had a bad day (yes we all do!), you’re not going to know. PRICES may vary due to the chosen substrate (wood panel vs paper vs canvas).

Commissions require a non-refundable 50% deposit/booking fee and the price is: the base price (ie: 30x40" store retail price) + 10% due to this being a commission piece and requiring more work and equipment. As mentioned, I create 3 small tests before moving to the final piece and the collector is free to keep the tests, if they are fitted for gifting. The remaining 50% is due before the painting is shipped and the payment is cleared. 

If, for some reason, you're not satisfied (never happened!) you can use the deposit on anything available currently (it covers 75% of its value, due to possible work done for a custom paining already; sketches and client service etc). This means I'm able to sell this finished painting somewhere else.


Please email me your inquiries about purchasing the artwork as wholesale, representation or licensing. Painting and prints can not be purchased directly from the store for resale, without discussing it with me. And yes! I offer a designer’s discount.


1. Please, email the following : 

  • specify the size and substrate of your commission (paper or canvas/wood) NOTE: My Wetlands are painted to panels, whereas my Bloomlands are painted on paper and canvas, and Newlands (New England landscape of Marshlands, Mudlands, Oceans) are painted on paper.
  • include any specific inspiration images (you can create a secret Pinterest board for us or link up your already existing one), colors, magazine cuts, fabric swatches, etc.
  • list 2-4 colors you would definitely like to have included  in the painting and list 2-4 that you definitelly don’t want to see.
  • after few basic emails and upon receiving the above one, I will send you an invoice for 50%. This invoice of not refundable due to a possible need for ordering specific supplies. 
  • Once the invoice is paid I schedule the commission in my calendar. If you have a pressing deadline, be sure to contact me for an estimated start date!
  • I need up to 6-12 weeks for painting and varnishing. 
  • Because I work very intuitively and fluidly I can not allow for revisions. If for some circumstance, we cannot achieve a mutual satisfaction and you just don’t feel like it’s what you envisioned, you may use the 50% deposit as a store credit for my online shop.
  • final 50% payment will be due after approval, before the delivery. 
  • shipping will be billed seperatly upon receipt via online invoice, or you are welcome to pick up the painting if you are local. Note : all paintings over 48Ă—36″ will be shipped rolled in a tube (if painted on canvas or paper) or require a special crate and shipping service, for on panel work. Any local shop will grandly restretch your painting. Customer responsible for insurance.
  • I can help with framing, just email me.
  • All sales are final. 100% refund allowed if item(s) arrive damaged, otherwise — no returns.