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News from my world full of art & wine.

September 06, 2017

Oldie but such a goodie! One of my favorite interviews reposted by the very charming @wearetherevelers ♥️
#Repost @wearetherevelers
As we reveled in rest from our labors this weekend, we decided to do a bit of time travel. We’re throwing back to that episode where Misty is fangirling BIG time!
Our most popular guest episode had us blown away by the candor and wisdom of wildly successful artist and illustrator @martaspendowska . She chats with us about artistic influences, self-awareness, passion, and how art has brought healing and restoration to her life and relationships. We learn how showing up is more important to creating than mere inspiration and hear her best advice to aspiring artists. Marta is every bit as deep and beautiful as her paintings. As Marta said, “I think that unraveling the mystery of people and life is very interesting.”
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