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News from my world full of art & wine.

July 15, 2017

I so love this picture.
It looks like I may own that island to my left, and just got off the boat
See that fog? Nobody likes it but a couple of wondering souls here—it brings out silence and creates a creepy feeling the world has ended.
This is why I would never move to California (sorry, sunny friends!) — I love loosing power because of winter storm (not really, but it’s romantic), wearing huge Russian hats with fuzz all around my face, big boots and I like to show off my snooty nose.

I love summer and spring too, of course. The warm on my tired back—priceless.
Spring ahead of me—the 1st spring on the east coast; supposed to be magical.

All 4 seasons is why I’m here. And ocean and not crowded places, antique shops, seafood and lush forests.
After 10 years in USA, I found my place.
Who’s in New England and thinks the same? 🤗🤙

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