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June 24, 2017

Today (June 24th) marks exactly a year since we visited Manchester, NH.
After landing in Boston and having our first east coast fish dinner we headed towards New Hampshire. I remember we wondered how come Green Bay, WI can not be at least as creative as Manchester…
We bought an artisan chocolate and Mayan hot cajun chocolate to drink and had the best duck eggs breakfast at Revolution Cafe.
Today, 365 days after we grabbed the same Mayan Cajun Chocolate from the same chocolatier barista (@dancinglionchocolate ) and I tell you—dreams come true.
With no house to our name (yet), we made it happen; we have moved our lives to the East Coast
And Concord did a fantastic impression on us today. What a gorgeous city.
So, here it is to breweries , rivers , lush green , ocean (OCEAN THE MOST !), lilies in ponds , lobsters, oysters 🦀 in vodka , and me not drinking coffee anymore.
Me by the ocean—coffeeless, tanned, ready. Oh, what the heck—READY, rather

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