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December 15, 2017

“After all, well, moon is a polka dot, sun is a polka dot, and then, the earth where we live is also a polka dot.” ~ Yayoi Kusama
I’ve been inspired by women artists all my life, drawing them on scraps of paper or watercolors as big as 4 feet. Some women deserve the biggest piece of paper you can get, like Yayoi Kusama or Kobro or Zofia Stryjenska (there is a Polish book about her, if you know Polish :)), or Grace or Bourgeois or Hartigan.

Painting them helps to see the invisible thread they weaved and I’m able to pull on. The thread of obsessions and observations, of having a point of view through the brush. Like, when I wear dots, I’m thinking of Yayoi Kusama and her hallucinations. Can you imagine being THAT possessed by shapes?
Would it be awesome to have obsessions like this?
In the meantime I’m looking at the New England landscape I have around and I’m mixing my greens and blues, awaiting the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition in Peabody Essex. I hope it smells like red sun of Santa Fe ☼
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