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News from my world full of art & wine.

April 06, 2017

And just like that I put my own Star on the map—American Citizenship date 🇱🇷 YAY! 🤘
≈ S U C C E S S ≈
️ 🦄
This is the day of my Polishness welcoming Americanness (?), officially!
Test was easy, people interviewing me the nicest and after 5, 6 visas I’m finally done with all the paperwork, finger printing and those terrible terrible official photos.
Oath is coming up!

I’m bloody grateful for this country of opportunities and awesome people! Whenever I’m hearing complains about gas prices, jobs here, I roll my eyes (sorry!) — fill up your gas tank in Poland once and feel the pain…♠️
Poland, unfortunately, even if beautiful, is becoming a dogmatic churchy outland.
Here, I’m living the life of my dreams (a bit far from family…), painting, experimenting with my artistic and personal boundaries & being free. This sounds like a truism and it definitely is. These kinds of truths are simple yet profound.
Thank you for cheering for me!🇱🇷

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