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News from my world full of art & wine.

April 19, 2016

001. TALK—INTRO. Finally. A proper introduction. A perfect start to my 100 Days Project. As I mentioned in the previous post you’re going to hear a bit about me every other day. Otherwise—a piece of artwork. Ok. Exhale. I’m Marta. I’m 100% Polish artist living in US since 2005. I like to say that I came here legally, with $600 in my pocket, not rolled in a carpet. Reason? To make a living being creative—an almost impossible task in my beautiful country, Poland. I’m an abstract painter working under my name but also a represented commercial artist working with great brands within fashion, food and beauty industry (P&G, Oprah Mag, Urban Outfitters, Danielle LaPorte etc). I started my own biz in 2010 after someone asked me nicely to report my every day arrival to work at the ad agency I worked in for a couple of months. I felt mutilated and I know—I have issues with control, just ask my parents or my hubby. And I’m clearly unemployable. Love: Bałtyk Sea, sparkle, handstands, swearing, my morning coffee with chocolate. Dislike: small talk, being told what to do, falling off the fitness wagon. Mainly: Stubborn, huge heart (I’ll hug you the first time I see you!), A-type, sleepy much too much, a bit weird…I’m a huge child yet a serious friend and #bosslady. Wins: I’m here. Failures: Many…We’ll talk. And that on my head? My conservative take on Isabella Blow—a favorite ceramic plate for my watercolor illustrations. H E L L O • T O • Y O U • T O O . #100daysofmARTa#the100dayproject ________________________________ M. Don’t miss my stories: ________________________________

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