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March 08, 2016

To all the women I know and will know!

All of you who struggle to balance work and life, all of you promising to do yoga and not following through, all of you painting at 3am and sleeping until 12am, all of you with fake eyelashes and lashes of silk provided by nature, all of you with mouth that creatively swears and all of you that talk in pretty words full of whisper, all of you with loud accomplishments and accomplishment silent but important, all of you who have children and who don’t or have chosen to not have any children, all of you doing work and doing love, all of you black, white, yellow, pink, golden, all of you feeling on top of the world and feeling low and grey, all of you fat, skinny, fit and round like apple, all of you quirky and “normal”, typical like boring Monday meetings, all of you shy and bold or even annoying —

To all of you I say — HAPPY  DAY! 
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes — Jim Carrey
‘cause we know… YAY!

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