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January 03, 2016


1. Be authentic. But not like candles with so called “natural” oils full of fake crap, but like a true love I remeber. But don’t give up this time.
2. Show up. 90%, as Woody says, so 5 days of 7 I’m in the studio working on art or art business.
3. There is nothing more importat than art. Get the fucking dishes mold. 
4. Don’t apologize to anyone—W O R K .
5. Like Martha Beck, get on a pure honesty diet. No fake Thank Yous or smiles. Promise, it will help me destroy the bad art. Or relationship, if it comes to it.
6. Which brings me to — all flattery is irrelevant. Nice, but irrelevant. Work and Ask: ” What’s the biggest (not bigger) picture here?”
7. Since it’s the oversensitivity that got me here — speak it in pictures.
8. There is no shame in being delicate. Heels and black leather has nothing to do with it. Painting my delicate self every time is the only way to catch the bigger glimpse of truth.
9. Beauty is what I’m after. Transparency helps it to be more obvious. And delicate.
10. Rest more, take baths and trust.

Above : “I have kissed the summer bloom” 50×40″
walking my soul path
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