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News from my world full of art & wine.

December 05, 2015

One door closes, another opens up. 
I’m in such transition now and everything is reminding me that it’s right, to be inbetween.
For as long as I need to.

Work is the most important. Getting into the intuitive groove of things. 
Making marks that matter, tearing up the work that is not mine, but it’s a polished mutherfucker I don’t care about.
I met so many artists this year I’m grateful for. Just wrote 1000+ words to my fav Margo. 
Thanks for everyone who cares.

I’m in love with what’s coming.
Hope, you too, are feeling that the 2016 is expanding for you like a red sun full of promises.
Title: Where flows the river like a heart unbounded.

walking my soul path
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