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Simplixity + Freckles

March 04, 2015

siplicixity is a fun word combo. the “x” adds a complexity to the word, maybe because an “x” exists in the complexity word. my favorite right now. i discovered it while making a typo. this is why, sometimes, it pays off to be an immigrant with a fairly good english but not perfect.

i’m working much more abstractly lately and it feels good. it’s hard too. the judgement creeps in : is it too simple, is it one of these : “oh, i could do this too” kind of artworks, do i care if it is.

i don’t.


but then i remember someone saying : it was stolen/copied because it was so simple. every time I see someone infringing on someone’s work I think of it. it’s really a stupid explanation, in it’s core. but somewhat true.

for the longest time i wanted to paint portraiture that would showcase a lot of skills. i think i did in my illustration work.

but i wanted more. or less, actually. less paint, less color, more blur, more air.

and this is what 2015 is for me — quiet times, more swearing (because it’s hard to not go overboard with paint), less coffee, more wine, less red, more gray.

so, thanks for witnessing.


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