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The Truth No 25

April 30, 2015

watercolor art abstract by Marta Spendowska Verymarta

The Truth No 25: “Our best is relevant. So is our worst.” #The100DayProject : #100AbstractTruthsVERYMARTA #MoMa100Days #TheGreatDiscontent

It’s a collaborative project between Elle Luna and The Great DiscontentEveryone is invited. For the next 100 days I will be painting my abstracts and pairing them up with Truths that come to me during my quick meditations. I will try to keep it not stuffy. 
This will get me on the meditation pillow. No matter what comes out from it — an introspection about pasta or life — I’ll name it. So, for 100 days I’ll be on my pillow for 10 minutes and whatever comes from it will be on paper+in the title. 

TAGS: #100AbstractTruthsVERYMARTA #MoMa100Days #TheGreatDiscontent

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