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This year — nature hunger.

February 04, 2015

Last year I satisfied my hunger for portraiture.
Produced a lot of work, got some awards.

This year is all about nature.
Letting go of impressing anyone.

What I’ve noticed the past year is that I tend to overwork because of an innate need to proof my skills.

Portraits are considered usually the hardest to paint, they do require a knowledge and usually some talent. I love portraiture.
But I knew that as much as it serves me well in my illustration business (as a commissioned assignment) it does not (at least currently) serve me well in my fine art career I’m building here.

I’m drawn to abstract a lot. And florals. The 2 marry beautifully and after noticing how my hand w a n t s to work, I let it go.

I am constantly hearing myself whisper : push it, push it…

I know I’m still holding back. Of course there is a lot of work that needs to be done. A work with thoughts, inspiration, application etc.
So — thank you for witnessing it.

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Be good to yourself and love art. 

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