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Valentine Weekend

February 13, 2015

Happy Friday!

actually — a confession. We, Polacks (for some reason I do not like the word : “Poles”) still feel weird about Valentine Days. We celebrate this awkward communistic Women’s Day on March 8th (I remember getting flowers and Harlequins from boys at school…) and there is also a man’s day sometime in October..But Valentine Day is so American and so fresh in Poland and Polish minds that I feel a bit silly about it.
I try to gift a card and we usually celebrate with food and restaurants.Talk about food… Today is the 5th day of our fast. We allowed ourselves for 1 smoothie a day (using fermented fruits woo woo!) Tomorrow is “whatever you want babe” day and I want chili. Chili with spice and warmth. Doing fasts in Wisconsin is very cold-generating.

Our goal is to fast 1 day a week — just tea and water.

So, during this fast I’ve noticed that I have a beloved routine.
Wake up, clean up, hug my hubby sitting by a computer and working, boiling water for my pour over of the best Honduras Luna Coffee while making a big breakfast (love big breakfast); mainly eggs and salsa, black radish salad that we love and a piece of hearty bread. After the breakfast I start pouring that coffee for approximately 5 minutes and I love this ritual. Then I grab my coffee and go to my studio to read few emails and check on my fav blogs. After approximately an hour I’m ready to work.

I love it. I hear people telling : don’t check your email first thing in the morning, do the most important, biggest to-do first. But I don’t. I check the email to see if there is anything pressing and if not it goes to the TO DO folder or trash. I’ll tackle it around 3pm. And I like to get my juices flowing by checking with other creatives and visual content online.

So, this àrtletter is a bit of everything.

But mainly 2 things :


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So this is me. What about you?



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