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Painting, abstract watercolor | Smitten by flower' blushing | 36x24"

Original painting, and mixed media original fine art on canvas.

    1. MATERIALS: 36x24" Mixed media on canvas. Ready to hang.
      BACK: Signed with full name.
    2. IMPORTANT: Every monitor displays color differently. If you need more details + photos, please email before making a purchase.
    1. INSPIRATION.Here, the flower, the petal is the pure essence of life, fleeting from sureness and foreverness.
      Some are old and losing the fullness, gaining the rips and tears, still thirsting water. A bit mature and at the same time more fragile. This made me realize: when you're fragile, you love life even more.
      This is what I'm after in my Bloomlands series.
      To capture the moment of a momentary beauty.
      So here and yet so passing by all at the same time.
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