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100 Day Project : #100FashionGirls

March 21, 2014

So, it’s been 16 days since I started this project (over 2 weeks..wowza!) and I had not posted a thing about it.
It’s Friday evening and instead of drinking wine and hanging out with friends I’m producing this post.

WHAT IS 100 Day Project and #100FASHIONGIRLS anyways.

#100FashionGirls is my personal project inspired by the one and only Elle Luna and #The100DayProject that runs March 6th-June 13th. Elle was inspired by Michael Beirut who teaches at Yale.

The Assignment : For This Project, You Will Need To Perform An Action Once A Day, For 100 Days. Beginning Thursday, March 6, Do An Action That You Are Capable Of Repeating Every Day. Do It Every Day Up To And Including Friday, May 13, 2014, The Last Day Of The Project, By Which Time You Will Have Done The Operation 100 Times. That Day, Each Participant Will Present His Or Her One-Hundred Part Project. The Only Restrictions On The Operation You Choose Is That It Must Be Repeated In Some Form Every Day, And That Every Iteration Must Be Documented For Eventual Presentation. The Medium Is Open, As Is The Final Form Of The Presentation On The 100th Day.

You can easily follow this project by following me on Instagram or just bookmark this page where you can check automatically updated ladies.

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