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Abstract art for 30 days. Loving it.

September 03, 2014

ON SEPTEMBER 1ST I started my abstract series. It’s my color & shape exploration journey. For 30 days I paint outside of my comfort zone, mess up, laugh, cry and sell. There is only 1 original available each day. If you’d like to own a piece of me, in the original form, go here and and see what’s available. I promise they look much better in person.



I’m rediscovering my love for color. I’m making decisions and yelling at myself in my head. “Do that! Don’t do that! Why did you do that! Wow, you’re awesome..” etc. Life is filled with art boards, paint, mixed media, some wine (yes), boxes and of course — client work. I juggle illustrations for wedding cards, portraits for magazines, textiles and abstract exploration which always keeps me wanting more time, more day, more light, more coffee. Life of an artist.

Sorry, hubby.

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