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Birthday, Gifts, Abstracts, Fashion.

September 16, 2014 3 min read


Birthday today.

My birthday. And I love it already!

My husband is the funniest. I found this huge box in my room and when I removed the wrapping paper I saw a big big brown box to store some kind of woods boots..like huge boots you go to woods with..you know. Wisconsin. So I though to myself : “another gift to ..himself? so I go with him and look for mushrooms or something’..”

And then I opened it some more and found a small box suspended in the air (of the box) by…rolls of toilet paper..

I know. Weird.

Ok, ok, so inside were these gorgeous wireless white power beats headphones.

I’m all set, hopefully for at least half a year (I’m known for loosing them all the time..)

So. gifts.

I remember reading somewhere once that when you offer discounts it’s really not a gift to people but rather a gift to yourself. And I kind of agree.

But then I understand that there are people who actually like discounts and any kind of promotions so — forgive me — it’s my day and I’d like to make it fun.


  1. Any order in my store or rather my ETSY store (more art prints in there) will be accompanied by another print. Simply : Buy 1 get 1 free. Just leave a NOTE in the checkout and let me know which print would you like me to send along for free. Valid until tomorrow 6pm.
  2. FREE US shipping, use coupon : BDAY14
  3. I’m giving away one of my abstracts, but you need to do something for me Just go to my ABSTRACTS page, pick your favorite, share on your Facebook and drop me a line here (just respond) with a link to your Facebook. I’ll pick the winner on Thursday. And thank you!
  4. Finally — I launched a few of my clutches! I was sure I’ll be ready with everything for today; collections I wanted to launch, all my scarves and clutches or maybe even pillows. I hoped… But client work is pouring over me and the day has only 24hrs. Or rather 12. So, in the next few weeks I’ll be posting more of my fashion and home accessories. But please, let me know what you think so far! I set special prices for this Birthday week so go and check it out.

All clutches are designed by me, printed or painted by me, sewed by me in my USA studio, with my 2 Polish hands. I’m really happy.

If there is anything you’d like from me, on this special day, to send you, to consider, to do — just let me know — respond and who knows! I might just do it!


30 Abstract in 30 Days : Exploration of Color & Shape. 

Today I created my 16th abstract and I’m seeing the growth with understanding color and shape. Maybe because I’ve been painting so long I can already see the style emerging.

Next to me are sitting 24×30 panels and I can’t wait to start exploring large abstracts.

Thank you for being here for me…

Happy Shopping!

Be good to yourself and love art.




I’m contributing weekly on VerilyMag for they Pop Culture Watch.
Enjoying abstracts like crazy.
Working on a beauty brand from Thailand and loving it.
Working on many other projects. Please, take the coffee away from me!


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