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Domino Magazine and Minted winner!

October 21, 2014 2 min read

TUESDAY. Already run to the UPS store and got my flourless chocolate cookie.
I promised to myself to have that green smoothie later.


Due to a massive load of work I was not able to clean up my Etsy store, so I’m extending the offer until next monday 9am. Shop with current stock and prices. This will change a lot on Monday.

But I digress.

Because I won!

I worked hard for this and for any wins in my life, mind you, but I won I won!


Do you know of domino magazine? They resurrected 2 issues ago and I could not be happier. Love their style, interior design tips and worm modern and very accessible vibe.
So, a month or so ago I saw that they’ve partnered with Minted and started a challenge. They were looking for art pieces to display in their magazine and store, and once I saw it I decided to join it. Literally 20 minutes before they closed the door I submitted few pieces and I’m proud to say that out of thousands of entries (!) I was one of the 25 that domino picked (omg omg omg) and I also scored 5th (5th!) in the whole community challenge!

I generally don’t enter competitions, because : 1. no time 2. I find the guidance a bit too much 3. I want to be more exclusive with my art, but it was domino and I could not resist.

What an honor. Imagine me yesterday on the call with them, tearing up, yelling : YEAH! and jumping up and down. I had no bra…ouch!

So. Grateful. Thank you, if you voted for me…

So, that’s big.

Another great news is that I sold out all of my originals (but 1) but I just added 4 new Abstract Florals to the shop. They are so vibrant and potent, love them… They are so vibrant and potent, love them…



Hope to pack one up for you!

Thank you for supporting my 2 hands and for being so so nice with emails and likes on Facebook and Instagram!

Be good to yourself and love art. 

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