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News from my world full of art & wine.

August 20, 2017

On August 16, exactly a month from my birthday (i love September !) I’ve decided to follow the muse who showed up for me at this beautiful meditation center this month. It was the same bugging voice I heard in 2006 in Chicago during the very uncomfortable yet delish 5 day Phowa with Lama Ole Nydahl.
That bugging muse wants me to chill out. Basically. Because, did you know that the ‘overexcitable you’ can also suffer from too many cortisol spikes? It’s not just pure stress.
And, let me tell you, I’m highly excitable and a restless workaholic.
So, for 3 days I dreamt in black and white, noticeably, and I took it as a sign, as one does.
For a month I’ll be working with limited color, mostly black and white. Hence, the gray portrait from yesterday.
It’s not natural for me but interesting enough to stay en route

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