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News from my world full of art & wine.

January 20, 2017

≈ the tidy place of Orange ≈

So, I’m hooked!
Hooked on Bullet Journaling.

Last year I came across the website, then I found @tinyrayofsunshine ☀️, then Emily Thompson from @beingbossclub blogged about it.
It freaked me out because I can be a Virgomaniac (everything tidy….nutz!) and I felt I will have to deal with a lot of organizing and strategizing. Don’t get me wrong—we Virgomaniacs love it!—but, I thought—wow, another level of anxiety…

And here I am, 2 months after I started implementing it into my work and I can not see myself using anything else. Oh, well, Danielle LaPorte’ planners, of course, but most things happen in my orange #leuchtturm1917 notebook.

I have my todos, goals, weekly trackers, notes etc all in one orange place and I’m never lost.
If you’ve been carrying bunch of notebooks with you all the time, I suggest you start investigating principles of bullet journaling.


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