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News from my world full of art & wine.

November 18, 2017

D A Y 14 // M A R T A
Tell me — do you love your name?
Like, how much?
I tripple love it. If I had to choose a new one it still would be Marta. No H, mind you.
My mom gave it to me, because of a particular Polish book about a rebellious Marta. Suits me. But, let me tell you—the path to it was not straight.

My brother’s name is Klaudiusz (Cloud-ush), based on Grave’s “I, Klaudiusz” (I, Claudius) book about the ceasar. He needed to grow to like it—it’s an unusal name and if you know a bit of history and Grave’s books, there was also a Messalina — his famous wife.
Thank goodness my grandpa objected to giving me a name of this tragic nimfomaniac. Because, yes, there was an idea of naming me M E S S A L I N A — even the sound of it is like an act of making love to too many fellas. F E L L A S 🤔
Anyways. Marta sounds very sharp, strong, almost androgynous, with a vibrating “r” if you can. The biblical Marta (“The mistress” from aramaic, from מרה “mistress”, feminine of מר “master”), used to do all those kitchen chores which does not fit this 2018 Marta, so I’m a bit disappointed with this description.
But after finding out that St Marta overpowered a dragon, I’m good. And I always carry holy water with me, yes I do.

Ps. I got so inspired by today’s visit to Salmon Falls Artist Studios (see in my stories) I got rosy cheeks and need to paint all eve. More pictures to come. ▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴▴
#30daysofHeartNesting : to sit, to sharpen, to soften, to write, to reveal, to remove my blind spots.

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