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Urban Outfitters and Marta Spendowska collaboration and interview

September 25, 2016

Hello, kittens. I already blog about the collaboration here.

Today I want to share 2 beautiful news with you.

Just this week Urban Outfitters launched our interview and you are welcome to read it here.
It was a blast and — a funny thing happened this week.
Ashley Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project (in 2006 or 2007 I developed her first website and we’ve been pals ever since) emailed me this:

“Marta I am here in LA and just sat down in a restaurant and looked across the alley AND THERE WAS YOUR NAME IN THIS GALLERY AND I ALMOST SHIT MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen!!!! Seriously, worlds collide. How AMAZING for you!!!! You DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! I knew you would. I’m so proud of you!!!!!

Was that Urban Outfitters?! I’m pretty sure that chick working the gallery thought I was insane. I walked in half expecting to see you there and give you the biggest hug!!! I only saw your name from the restaurant across the way and it was actually Carlos who saw it first and came to tell me. I was like WHAT!!!!!!! I can’t even believe it!!!! YES!!!!”

Btw, don’t you just love her! She’s talking about this:

Urban Outfitters Marta Spendowska

Urban Outfitters and Marta Spendowska 

Here is a tiny snippet from the interview:

What are some of your favorite color combinations?
I go through cycles. For example I tend to choose bright colors muted by white or grays, then uplifted by golds and coppers. My latest collection was all blue (teal, mint, light blue, deep blue) and gold. It brought me back to Poland and my forever beloved Baltic Sea. I’m about to move close to the ocean and my intuition makes me think that you’ll soon see more blue, green, gray, gold, and copper from me.
Urban Outfitters Marta Spendowska

Urban Outfitters Marta Spendowska : interview. Photos by Shaunae Teske.


Another great news is that just yesterday my heart has melted because my beautiful “The tender evening and raspberries” has sold during the auction for a fabolous charity. Once more my work brings joy. Winning!

Marta Spendowska for Green Gala

Marta Spendowska for Green Gala charity event.

So, all is well in the Marta universe!

I hope it’s ok to repost this photo (Photography by Dana Pleasant)

urban outfitters martaspendowska space 15 twenty

urban outfitters martaspendowska space 15 twenty

How am I feeling?
I danced around the house when I saw it! Because — THE LETTERS! They are huuuge and black and crown my work so beautifully.

If you’re in the area, go and check them out. And buy a print or two.

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