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Tarot Reading

Tarot is the art of seeing.

Tarot is the art of seeing unseen forces. I'll help you bring them to the light.

 You're purchasing 1 Tarot Reading for 1 question only with 3 cards. You're free and welcomed to add multiple readings to the shopping cart and ask multiple questions.

If you'd like to receive a Grand Tableau of Lenormand Cards, choose it below.

Please read below how the process works. 

Type of reading :

Tarot is the art of seeing.

“Love, like Fortune, favours the bold.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly


Ask your question

The reading is only for 1 question unless your purchase includes multiple orders. 

You're free to purchase a couple of Tarot Readings all at once and list your questions in the form, like so :
1. My first question.
2. My second question. 

Don't forget to give me a back story, include some timeline. 

The How.

  1. The more specific question, the more specific answer. The more fuzzy question, the more fuzzy reading. I do not offer so called "general readings", ie: "What do you see in my cards?". This clearly states you do not have any questions. I suggest—go and play some ball. Or paint a flower.
  2. Try to avoid asking closed-ended questions: Yes / No (but you may...) and don't use When ( A tarot reading can only give a very rough outlook on timing. If you need better dates, you might consider working with a psychic or astrologer instead.) Your YES / NO question is welcomed but it's not really revealing.

    Example:Instead of asking: Will I get a job by December? (a YES / NO ) ask:
    What can I do to get the job by December ? (open ended question) You may think: Well, I know what I should be doing to get a job! Send resumes and knock on doors. Well, maybe. Possibly. But what if cards have another outlook on it. That you should embody a Queen of Cups, become emotionally available and sort of softer on edges, open instead of all fired up and purely confident?
  3. As above, use curiosity: How can I? What can I? What's the best way to ? etc...
  4. Do not try to bundle questions. Simply—1 purchase = 1 question. If you have more than 1 question (each requires a different set up), reflect it in the quantities during the checkout. Additionally, see #1 : The most specific question, the more specific answer.
    Example:"Why am I so stuck? And how can I get unstuck?" — these are 2 different questions. First requires a reason, second one a solution.
  5. Once your reading is done, it is done—no follow up is necessary.
  6. I usually use 3-6 cards.
  7. I do not offer business advice. I read cards.
  8. No health questions.

I give you the picture translated through my heart, eyes, experience and openness. The reading can feel like a poetry, a prose or be as literal as 1,2,3. It's all possible and has it's place.

Why $33?

There is magic to 33. You know I'm a painter and a commercial illustrator. I'm truly not in business of Tarot, per se. I love it like a maniac. I consider it an energy exchange and, frankly, a privilege to help out and hopefully be your personal maid, cleaning up the path to the visible. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, I work the mental broom and allow you to see better. It doesn't mean all is pretty in pink. Darker moods are healing and some of us need a shake of a ground we're on, walking like eternal zombies. We need a cold bath, a sword that cuts through the bs we all fall for. Much too often.

So, here.

DISCLAIMER: This listed item does not replace medical intervention and/or procedures. It does not replace consultation with medical, financial, spiritual, or psychological professionals. It does not guarantee healing at any level. The individual purchasing this item is responsible for any thoughts, actions, and/or uses of the listed item. The seller is not responsible or liable for any adverse effects and/or negative reactions to the listed item. I conduct readings and services for persons of 18 years or older. I conduct reading and services for the individual purchasing the listed item; I do not conduct third party readings or services for ethical reasons. I am required to state that readings and services are for entertainment purposes only.


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