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Tarot Reading

Tarot is the art of seeing.

Tarot is the art of seeing unseen forces.

Or forgotten, or pushed way, or unrealized and deliberately cut to pieces.

Why do we do it? Who knows. We have dramas, we love dramas, we must deal with stuff.
Tarot comes in in situations of joy, ambivalence and sadness. And it mentors, to some degree, or it directs your energy to what's, again—unseen, pushed away etc. Nothing escapes the eye of divination or a curious spiritual spectator.
For it to work all you need is to ask.

The How.

  1. The more specific question, the more specific answer. The more fuzzy question, the more fuzzy reading. I do not offer so called "general readings", ie: "What do you see in my cards?". This clearly states you do not have any questions. I suggest—go and play some ball. Or paint a flower.
  2. Avoid asking closed-ended questions: Yes / No and don't use When ( A tarot reading can only give a very rough outlook on timing. If you need exact dates, you might consider working with a psychic or astrologer instead.)
    Example:Instead of asking: Will I get a job by December? (a YES / NO ) ask:
    What can I do to get the job by December ? (open ended question) You may think: Well, I know what I should be doing to get a job! Send resumes and knock on doors. Well, maybe. Possibly. But what if cards have another outlook on it. That you should embody a Queen of Cups, become emotionally available and sort of softer on edges, open instead of all fired up and purely confident?
  3. As above, use curiosity: How can I? What can I? What's the best way to ? etc...
  4. Do not try to bundle questions. Simply—1 purchase = 1 question. If you have more than 1 question (each requires a different set up), reflect it in the quantities during the checkout. Additionally, see #1 : The most specific question, the more specific answer.
    Example:"Why am I so stuck? And how can I get unstuck?" — these are 2 different questions. First requires a reason, second one a solution.
  5. Once your reading is done, it is done—no follow up is necessary.
  6. I usually use 3-6 cards.
  7. I do not offer business advice here. I read cards.
  8. No health questions.

I give you the picture translated through my heart, eyes, experience and openness. The reading can feel like a poetry, a prose or be as literal as my story below. It's all possible and has it's place.

Why $22?

You know I'm a painter and a commercial illustrator. I'm truly not in business of Tarot, per se. I love it like a maniac. I consider it an energy exchange and, frankly, a privilege to help out and hopefully be your personal maid, cleaning up the path to the visible. Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, I work the mental broom and allow you to see better. It doesn't mean all is pretty in pink. Darker moods are healing and some of us need a shake of a ground we're on, walking like eternal zombies. We need a cold bath, a sword that cuts through the bs we all fall for. Much too often.

So, here.

But before I go, let me tell you a short story.


As I mentioned, some reading are deep and poetic, some are like sudden illuminations.
I could talk about Judgement Arcanum in so many ways for example. How it calls you to things, possibly of a huge within importance. Or how it's all about renewal, of the self, the situation that has been in motion etc. Or how the Strength Arcanum is all about facing life, head first, maybe even lion head first...How this blond lady is opening / or closing the lion's mouth because she clearly found her own powers...
But there are readings when all you need is one paragraph.

3 weeks ago, and on the latest Full Moon I made a bon fire. It was a good day and not a good evening. It didn't feel ok. Stress came over me and I was sitting by this beautiful bon fire feeling drained and unsettled.
But it was a Full Moon and on a Full Moon you better make a card reading all about shading. Whatever shading you need.
Of the past 2 weeks unfinished business, sleepless night, procrastinations. You give gratitude to what's big, bold and serving and you let go of shadows.

I drew my 3 cards (openly) and I could not see anything. And I mean anything. Emotionally hurt that evening I blocked everything. My personal response to situations like this is to not engage if I know engaging means more shake up. But withdrawing means I'm shut down altogether. So I looked at my 3 cards and saw 3 colors of confusion.

So I put the cards aside and decided to give my gratitude and prayers to the spirit and the moon. I thanked for this and that and the other thing. And I thanked for more. And even though on the Full Moon you do not manifest and ask FOR /per se/ my intuition gave me this mantra: Give me the strength, give me the strength...
I looked at the stars and the big bright Moon and I repeated: Give me the strength, give me the strength...

And then I looked down on my cards and saw:


LeIvgement /Judgement • LeToille / The Star • Force / Strength

and all became clear.

My cards were telling me before I even verbalized my Moon wishes: Pray to the Stars for the Strength.

THIS became one of the most powerful and emotional reading to me. The literarily of the message was astounding. All it took is my openness to see it.

So, let me see it for you.

Price: $22 (A magic #. Also my Life Path number.)

P R O C E S S .  Email is where we'll meet...
Currently: 2 weeks wait time.

After you check out you'll receive 2 emails—1 confirming the order and a few minutes later, a second email with a direct link to the Form Page where you'll be able to add your question. Simply go that form page to submit your brave question and I'll get back to you in a couple of days.

Thank you for trusting.

“Love, like Fortune, favours the bold.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

Beautiful images by: Shaunae Teske

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